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5 Things to Do on Bald Head Island

When planning your next family destination, Bald Head Island in North Carolina should be at the top of your list. Not only are there beautiful Bald Head Island vacation rentals to choose from, but the quaint town and exquisite beaches will soon become your favorite holiday retreat. Just take at some of the things the place has to offer.

1.    Lighthouse

Built in 1817, Old Baldy has the title of North Carolina’s oldest lighthouse. Visitors can explore the tower, and scale to the top of the building for an unparalleled panoramic view of the island and surrounding area.

Bald Head Island vacation rentals

Spend some time in the Smith Island Museum just outside the lighthouse, and learn all about the island’s history.

2.    The Conservancy

Offering a wide range of activities for kids and adults, the conservancy is a grand place to learn about the wildlife native to the island. Go on a nature walk, fishing, camping, and even kayaking. There is sure to be an adventure waiting for you.

3.    Charter Boats

Take a charter boat out onto the water and spend the day fishing and riding the waves. The friendly staff will take you to the prime spots and ensure you have a safe and fun time offshore.

4.    Historic Island Tours

For two hours, travel in time to reveal Bald Head Island’s rich history. Learn about pirates and Civil War soldiers. Experience what it was like on the island throughout each moment in the past.

You’ll have to pre-book your spot for this one. So make your reservations early.

5.    The Village Chapel

This colonial building has been the site for many religious activities on the island. Step inside and see the beautiful craftsmanship and details from years ago. This church is open to the public and can be a great way to spend an afternoon.