5 Must-See Destinations in St. Augustine, FL

Are you ready to discover the Fountain of Youth? Book your St Augustine B&B today, and head down to Ponce de Leon’s original settlement. There’s more to do there than just finding eternal youth too.

1.    Castillo de San Marcos National Monument

This treasure served as a fort for over two centuries. It protected Spanish Florida from the British, and from pirates. This well preserved piece of American history is open to the public.

Take a trip through time and see what life was like before the colonies.

2.    St. George Street

St Augustine B&B

If you’re looking for a stroll down an ancient boulevard, this is the place for you. Boasting local cuisine, antique shops, and historic attractions, St. George Street is a favorite of locals and tourists alike.

3.    St. Augustine Lighthouse and Maritime Museum

Featuring shipwreck items, a wooding boat-building exhibit, and a 165-foot-tall lighthouse, this museum has everything a nautical fanatic could dream of. It takes 219 steps to get to the top of the lighthouse.

Beware though, it’s said that the lighthouse is haunted by the spirits of two girls who died on the premises in the late 19th century.

4.    Lightner Museum

Built in 1888, the Lightner Museum houses an extensive collection of art from 19th century. There are bizarre artifacts like shrunken heads and human hair, as well as traditional exhibits like antique furniture and paintings.

5.    Colonial Quarter

St. Augustine’s living museum allows a unique peek into the lives of 16th, 17th, and 18th century citizens. Take a guided tour or explore on your own. Travel through the 16th century Spanish First City. Then head through the 17th Century Spanish Fortified Town.

The 18th Century gets the royal treatment as the Spanish Garrison Town collides with the British to create the 14th Colony.